This is a very quick overview. For a more detailed guide refer to the Operations and Handpad Manuals (available here: http://www.sitechservo.info/controller-manual).

CdC documentation is here: http://www.ap-i.net/skychart/en/documentation/start

SiTech controller
This unit is mounted on the base of the telescope. It handles all telescope control and position reporting. It has a serial port to connect to the host PC, and inputs from the hand controller and STV guider. The telescope position is sensed via two rotary position encoders accurate to about 2 arc minutes. The telescope Alt and Az axis are driven by DC servo motors. These servos have their own encoders with a resolution of about 0.05 arc seconds. Power is supplied by two 13A sockets under the telescope.

Wireless Handset
Turn the handset on with the SPD key.
SPD selects the drive speed (Slew, Pan, Guide). Indicated by red, yellow and green LEDs on the handset receiver.
ALT turns the torch on and off. When on, ESC & RTN adjust the brightness.
Instructions for spiral search mode are on the back of the handset. Low res is setup for the 40mm eyepiece. Exit spiral search with the left or right arrows.
Turn the handset off by pressing SPD & ALT together briefly. The handset will turn off automatically after 15 minutes if no buttons are pressed.

Host PC
Telescope control is via the LH PC on the centre console downstairs. Screen, keyboard and mouse can be switched upstairs. This PC talks to the SiTech controller via a serial link and runs the following software:

  • SiTechExe (ASCOM driver)
  • Cartes Du Ciel

Using Cartes Du Ciel (CdC)
1. Power up scope computer (LH PC on centre console downstairs)
2. Check the time on the PC using one of the radio clocks
3. Power up telescope (Maplin unit under scope)
4. Start SiTechExe (the program will minimise to the Taskbar)
5. Unpark the telescope using button on SiTechExe program
6. Start CdC
a) Connect to telescope using menu item: Telescope -> Control Panel -> Connect
b) After a slew, the telescope will start tracking
7. Telescope can now be controlled from CdC
8. Perform an Offset Sync on a bright star (Right click star -> Telescope -> Sync)

Park the telescope using SiTechExe
Disconnect CdC using the telescope control panel
Close SiTechExe and shutdown the PC
Turn the Maplin PSU under the telescope off
Turn off switches downstairs

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