A listing of books available for loan from the library in the Observatory is shown below.

A Brief History of Time; Stephen Hawking
A Fundamental Survey of the Moon; Ralph B Baldwin
A New Popular Star Atlas (epoch 1950);
A Spectroscopic Atlas of Bright Stars; Jack Martin
A Star Called the Sun; George Gamow
A Workbook for Astronomy; Jerry Waxman
Amateur Astronomer's Handbook; J B Sidgwick
Amateur Telescope Making; Stephen F Tomkin
Apollo 13; Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger
Astronomical Observations; Gordon Walker
Astronomy; Iain Nicolson
Astronomy Factfinder; Rober Snedden - Paragon Books
Astronomy for Beginners; Henry Brinton
Astronomy with a Small Telescope; Muirden
Astrophotography; Michael A Covington
Astrophotography; H J P Arnold
Astrophotography Basics - Eclipses; Kodak Customer Service Pamphlet
Astrophotography for the Amateur (Revised Ed.); Michael Covington
Atlas of the Solar System; David A Hardy
BAA Handbook 2004; BAA
Beyond the Solar System; Daivd Eicher
Binary and Multiple Systems of Stars; Alan H Batten
Black Holes in Space; Patrick Moore and Iain Nicholson
Brilliant Stars; Patrick Moore
Building the Universe; Christine Sutton
Calibrating the Cosmos; Frank Levin
Cambridge - Planetary Handbook; M E Bakich
Cambridge Illustrated History of Astronomy; Michael Hoskin (Ed.)
Catalogue of Nebulae and Cluster of Stars; J L E Dreyer - Memoirs of the RAS
Celestial Charts; Carole Stott
Celestial Harvest; James Mullaney
Chemistry in Space; I Adler and J L Trombka
Colours of the Galaxies; David Malin and Paul Murdin
Comet Hale Bopp; Robert Burnham
Cosmic Rays; Michael W Friedlander
Cosmos; Carl Sagan
Deep Sky Observer Journal (copies 1996-2005); Webb Society
Dictionary of Space; Michael Pollard and Felicity Trotman
Discovering the Universe (4th Ed. 1997); Kaufmann and Collins
Double and Multiple Stars and How to Observe Them; James Mullaney
Eclipse!; Philip S Harrington
Einstein's Cosmos; Michio Kaku
From Atoms to Stars; Martin Davidson
Guide to Stars and Planets; Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion
Guide to the Moon; Patrick Moore
Guide to the Planets; Patrick Moore
Halley's Comet; Patrick Moore and John Mason
Halley's Comet; Roberta Etter and Stuart Schneider
Halley's Comet; Percy Seymour
Hubble's Universe; Simon Goodwin
Hyperspace; Michio Kaku
Images from Space - The Camera in Orbit; H J P Arnold
Images of the Universe; Carole Stott
Infinity Rising; Nik Szymanek
Intelligent Life in the Universe; I S Shklovskii and Carl Sagan
Journey to the Planets; Peter Ryan and Ludek Pesek
Jupiter - The Giant Planet; R Beebe
Life on Mars; Jackson and Moore
Life on Mars ; Patrick Moore
Light Pollution - Responses and Remedies; Bob Mizon
Light Pollution and Astronomy; House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
London Planetarium Book of Space; Susan Becklake
Lunar Geology; Gilbert Fielder
Make Your Own Telescope; Reg Spry
Mars, The Inside Story of the Red Planet; Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
Mathematical Methods for Students; G Stephenson
Millennium Yearbook; Patrick Moore and Allan Chapman
Modern Astronomy; Patrick Moore
Moon Mars and Meteorites; Peter Adams
Moon, Mars and Venus; Antonin Rukl
Night Watch; Terence Dickinson
Norton's 2000 Sky Atlas (18th ed.);
Observational and Physical Astronomy; Sanchez, Collados and Rebolo
Observing and Measuring Double Stars; Bob Argyle
Observing Handbook and Catalogue of Deep Sky Objects.; Christian B Loginbuhl & Brian A. Skiff
Observing the Deep Sky; Darren Bushnell
Observing the Moon, the Modern Astronomer's Guide; Gerald North
Observing Variable Stars, Novae & Supernovae; Gerald North
Origins of Life in the Universe; R Jastrow and M Rampino
Out of the Cradle; W K Hartman, R Miller, P Lee
Parting the Cosmic Veil; Kenneth Lang
Passion for Astronomy; Patrick Moore
Peter Fairley's Space Manual; TV Times Publication
Planets; Carl Sagan and Jonathan N Leonard
Practical Amateur Astronomy; Patrick Moore
Radio Astronomy; F Graham Smith
Radio Exploration of the Planetary System; Alex G Smith and Thomas D Carr
Radio Exploration of the Planetary System; Alex G Smith
Radioastronomy and Radar; J G Crowther
Realm of the Universe; George O Abell
Secrets of the Night Sky; Usborne Young Scientist
Sky Atlas 2000 (Observatory User's Reference); Wil Tirion and Roger Sinnott
Space Discovery; Susan Becklake
Space in the Sixties; Patrick Moore
Space Travel; Starters Facts - Macdonald Education
Space Year 1991; Nigel Macknight (Ed.)
Spacecraft in Fact & Fiction; H Harrison and M Edwards
Spaceflight; Usborne Young Scientist
Spaceship Neutrino; Christine Sutton
Stargazing with Telescope and Camera; George T Keene
Stars & Planets; Usborne Young Scientist
Stars and Planets; Jay M Pasachoff & Donald H Menzel
Structure and Evolution of Stars; Martin Schwarzchild
Sun Kings; Stuart Clark
Superstrings; F D Peat
Telescopes and Techniques; C R Kitchin
Telescopes and Techniques; C R Kitchen
Telescopes in Space; Zdenek Kopal
The Amateur Astronomer (9th Ed.); Patrick Moore
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide; Dickinson and Dyer
The Cambridge Astronomy Guide; Hiller and Maye
The Cambridge Guide to Astronomical Discovery; William Liller
The CCD Camera Cookbook; Richard Berry, Veikko Kanto, J Munger
The Comet is Coming; Nigel Calder
The Cosmic Century (Astrophysics/Cosmology; Malcolm Longair
The Galactic Novae; C Payne-Gaposchkin
The Gresham Lectures of John Flamsteed; Eric G Forbes
The Guiness Book of Astronomy; Patrick Moore
The Home Planet; Kevin W Kelley
The Hunt for Planet X; G Schilling
The Intelligent Universe; Fred Hoyle
The Left Hand of Creation; John Barrow and Joseph Silk
The New Solar System; Beatty, O'Leary and Chaikin
The Norfolk Dialect; Peter Trudgill
The Observational Amateur Astronomer; Patrick Moore (Ed.) - Springer
The Observer's Guide to Astronomy Vol.1; Patrick Martinez
The Observer's Guide to Astronomy Vol.2; Patrick Martinez
The Observer's Year; Patrick Moore
The Planet Mars; Gerard de Vaucouleurs
The Planets; Heather Couper
The Practical Astronomer; Brian Jones
The Practical Astronomer's Deep Sky Companion; Jess K Gilmour
The Quest for Extraterrestrial Life; Donald Goldsmith
The Realm of the Terrestrial Planets; Zdenek Kopal
The Rocket; Ladybird - How it works series
The Runaway Universe; Donald Goldsmith
The Shadows of Creation; Riordan and Schramm
The Sky at Night; Patrick Moore
The Solar Planets; V A Firsoff
The Varable Star Observer's Handbook; John Glasby
Towns and Suburbs; Robin Scagell
UFO Mysteries; Roger Boar and Nigel Blundell
Universe (1st Ed.); Willim J Kaufmann
Universe in Focus; Stuart Clark
Variable Stars; W Strohmeier
Violent Universe; Nigel Calder
Visions of the Universe; Dr R Raman Prinja
Visual Astronomy Under Dark Skies; Antony Cooke
Voyage Through the Universe - Stars; Time Life
Webb Society Clusters of Galaxies Observer's Handbook;
Webb Society Deep Sky Observer's Handbook;
What's Out In Space?; Usborne Starting Point Science
Yearbooks of Astronomy 1972-1987; Patrick Moore