BAS Star Parties



SPRING:   Wednesday 22nd to Thursday 30th March

AUTUMN:   Friday 13th to Friday 20th October

Haw Wood is a Milky Way class Dark Sky Discovery Site; naked eye visibility 5.73, averted 5.99 best SQM reading 21.75.

Pitches £12 per night including hook up.

Book with Daniel or Georgina:

Telephone: 01502 359550


Haw Wood Farm Caravan Park, Hinton, Saxmundham. IP17 3QT.


We are trying some new arrangements in 2017 to better fit in with the use of Haw Wood.

Dan and Georgina are considering block-booking the site for the star parties so you can book by phone rather than on line. Initially they will keep it available just for astronomers and even segregate visual observers from imagers, as their needs are different. Visual observers will be in the bottom fields and imagers further up the site.

Depending on how it goes they may keep this out-of-season block booking just for astronomers bearing in mind, that, in October, they will have half-term the following weekend, during which outreach will be provided.

The 2016 autumn star party on the Saturday was a great success and had a good atmosphere with the talks and soup & rolls later. A lot of the families attending had come for the ‘star party’ event but didn’t understand the light etiquette needed by astronomers. If they do open it up to non-astronomers with an interest to attend they will keep them away from the main body of astronomers and given the lighting etiquette to comply with. Whatever, NO CAMP FIRES will be allowed during star party periods.

For the autumn 2017 star party in October, there is a 34% phase moon rising at 2340 GMT on Fri 13th and a 25% moon rising just before 1am GMT on the Sat/Sun night so only half a night’s dark sky observing available on the Friday night. However for most amateurs this is sufficient and for the few diehard all-nighters it gets good from the Sunday night onwards with 5 full nights available up until the morning of Fri 20th. The reason for this is that half term starts on Sat 21st October and we just want to avoid that weekend. There is a clash with the IAS (International Astronomy Show at Birmingham) which is on 13th and 14th Oct but doubt that would bother too many people. Those of you that really want to go to the IAS can still attend Haw Wood from the Sunday onwards or the Saturday if only attending the IAS on the Friday.


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