Breckland Astronomical Society is based in the dark skies of Great Ellingham in Norfolk, and has its own observatory housing a 20″ reflecting telescope. You’ll find more about the society, past and present, in these pages, so feel free to look around!

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Cataclysmic Variable Stars, Mike Poxon – Friday 14 June


Mike is a variable star observer, having been a member of the AAVSO since a child. He does a prolific amount of voluntary science and technical skills teaching for the local community. This talk is in anticipation of an event predicted in our skies this summer, the eruption of T Coronae Borealis, which should become easily visible to the eye.  A new star. We hear the detail about what is behind this sudden incredible increase in brightness.

Please contact chairman@brecklandastro.org.uk or breckland_astro_newsletter@gmail.com for any queries about meetings, giving a reasonable time to reply.

Usual Times: arrive at 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start. Society admin usually lasts 5 min, then it is over to the speaker followed by questions and coffee. By 9 pm most talks should be finished and we open the observatory to attendees if clear.

Hall entry costs are £2.50 hall entry £1 if under 18. Small donations are also welcome, via the website donate button or by contacting the treasurer (above), or the observatory donations box.

Public Observing Night

We hold free public observing nights on the last Friday of the month when it is dark enough. Bucking this rule, the next one is scheduled for Friday 23rd August 2024 from 8:30pm.

We have plenty of space on the patio and field for more telescopes. Please bring any new telescopes if you want advice or to test them.

We are planning a bring your telescope workshop evening, for one of these sessions. Watch this space.

Regional Star Parties

See Star parties.

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